Can Businesses Profit From Using Social Media?

Can Businesses Profit From Using Social Media?

Social media is the biggest thing to happen to business since the internet.  It has changed the way that many businesses big and small operate and communicate with their consumers.  It is now an essential marketing tool.  The potential for expanding your consumer base, connecting with current customers, driving your sales and growing your business is staggering.  The take home message is that you need to be where your customers are.

Do you need to do it all – definitely not!

Whatever platform you use and there are many – Just to name a few, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.  It has to be the right fit for your business.  Social media can be overwhelming.  It shouldn’t be something you do just because you feel have to.

Your first step before you dive in is to ask yourself how social media can benefit your business.

What do you want to accomplish from your social media campaign?

Are your customers online?

How will you measure your success and how much time do you have to dedicate to social media?

Your business may not even need a website.  Sales/online stores can be made within some of these platforms. Most of the platforms come with great page analytics to strategically monitor when people are engaging with your page and offer effective advertising.

Social media platforms are free but your time is not.  You have to be able to commit the time needed to learn, monitor and create content that is not only engaging with you current customers but also ways to generate new enquiries to your business.

There are other options though.  Your Business may benefit from using a Social Media Coach/Consultant specialise in offering strategy planning, teaching and simplifying  your internet and social media needs.


Joy Kloester

Social Media Marketing Coach



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