Your Social Media Marketing Expert

Photo for website Joy KloesterSocial media/Online marketing is the biggest thing to happen to business since the internet.  It has changed the way that many business big and small operate and communicate with their consumers.  It is now an essential marketing tool.  The potential for expanding your consumer base, connecting with current customers, driving your sales and growing your business is staggering.

The problem is challenging in that technology changes fast and most small business owners have many roles within their business. Business has changed so much just in the last ten years and online buying is just the normal practice for most consumers.

It is important for most business now to at least have some online presence so there business can competitive.

For the past five years I have been banging on the keyboard trying anything online. Internet marketing, affiliate, investments, blogging, website design, content creation and it goes on.  I have had a few success but none that come without lots of time, energy and money.

I attending seminars all over the Australia.  Have lost count to how many courses online and webinars I have done. Many hours and dollars clocked up to learning.    I was always looking for that one thing I could make my livelihood from. I never found it and for many reasons, but the main one is because technology changes so quickly.

What I have learnt though is a good depth of understanding of what online marketing requires and explored the many platforms out there to do from.  I have demonstrated persistence, resilience and sheer determination to keep going. Solo!

  • I really enjoy being in business and think now my personal and business skills are so much more developed and if I can combine them with an inspiration to help others I believe I have the perfect foundation.
  • Balancing work and lifestyle is important to me and I am all for trying to find affordable, effective and efficient systems with business to achieve this balance.
  • I also realise the important of having access to great coaches and mentors to bounce ideas and be supportive to you and your business success.
  • So how can I help?