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As a small business looking to make as big a impact as possible via our online presence it was daunting to begin the process, let alone hope to be successful.

Joy from SBOM began our journey by focussing our ideas into a structured plan that ensured we established clear objectives and aimed for small achievable targets.

Joy’s ability to explain how important our ‘public face’ through our website needed to be was fantastic. She helped us to give people a clear message about what we were about. In our case as an accommodation site Joy focussed on developing strong captivating images that helped explain ‘our story’, with enough text to encourage our website visitors to become Pike River guests. Working collaboratively with her team Joy delivered a website for Pike River that superbly delivers all our goals ..and some!

Joy has ensured that the supporting links, through social media, direct online marketing constant updating  form a part of our marketing strategy.

Pike River’s website has had an per month increase of unique visitors of over 500%(?) and direct website bookings have increased by over 200%!  We are extremely proud of our new ‘public face’ website and have Joy to thank for ensuring our ultimate success. Pike River would strongly recommend Joy from SBOM for business owners looking for help in making that critical step into creating your own online success.

Andrew  – April 2015
Pike River Luxury Villas and Function Centre
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“I have been utilising the services of SBOM for nearly a year now and have been amazed by the positive impact it has had on my business.  Joy has assisted me in setting up a marketing program, mostly through Facebook and has managed our Facebook advertising.  She has also been an inspiring mentor.  I would recommend SBOM’s services to anyone who wants to keep up with the many challenges of Digital Marketing.”

Lisa and Peter Kollmann – April 2015 KOM Caravan Park
Kingston-on-Murray Caravan Park
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Joyleen is a lifesaver, when it comes to technology I switch off, don’t want to know, too hard. But with Joyleen its great she helped me get my logo Mifreedom coachingbusiness page started and always keeps me up to date with the new changes going on which is great because it gives me more time to work on my business knowing all the so called techie stuff is being dealt with. We are so lucky to have someone local in the Riverland who is there at our fingertips with all this knowledge. I absolutely recommend anyone who wants to grow their business but gets tied down with the  technical  side to give Joy a call!

My business has really grown, thanks to Joy for giving me the tools to best utilize an excellent marketing tool which is much cheaper than other marketing tools out there. Thanks Joy! :)”


Sheree Cameron
Mifreedom Coaching





“Recently I had the pleasure of receiving some training from Joy Kloester from Small Business Online Marketing in regard to ‘Fac10458487_1480534865560119_6052207828630872218_nebook for Community Organisations’. I went to the training voluntarily but with a closed mind, resistant to Facebook, and wondering if I would last the first twenty minutes. I had a dislike for Facebook, but my motivation to learn to use it effectively for our newly formed Riverland Triathlon Club over-rode my fundamental distrust of Facebook!

I think I was even sitting there for the first 5 minutes with my arms crossed unconvinced.. until Joy started telling us of how useful Facebook can be for community organisations and small business.  OMGosh!  I was a convert!!  By the 10 minute mark I’d had an epiphany, an ‘enlightening realization allowing me to see from a new and deeper perspective’ (reference WikipediaJ).  In other words this Facebook thing is really useful for communicating – with our members, prospective members, the triathlon community, our general community, and those living anywhere and not even being remotely interested in triathlon in the Riverland.  It can allow people to connect up, learn what is going on, get to know our club better, get to know each other, create a sense of belonging, have fun, engage, and keep thinking about the Riverland Triathlon Club.

 Joy was patient, clear with her information, professional, no problem or issue too small.  Apart from me becoming a ‘convert to Facebook’ and its uses – she was able to impart the ‘thinking’ behind doing things, the rationale. I also liked the hints and tips which make things easier – ‘scheduling’ in particular.  The strategic use of photos and images, timing, using insights (I’m now fighting an addiction to analysing the insights, kidding) and other really useful stuff that is quick and easy to use.  I’ve also discovered that I’m a bit creative and I am enjoying having fun with it all.  So can I recommend Joy Kloester for training – definitely and without reservation.”

Ruth Strout
Riverland Triathlon Club